My B&B Friend

I tend to muse on things in a philosophical sort of way that rambles on, often wandering around the point of a story without actually getting there. However don’t let this put you off as I intend to share incidents with you about a friend of mine who also runs a Bed & Breakfast, the tangles this lady finds herself in are chaotic and regular so I will never be short of something to write about.

Let’s call her Brenda, now Brenda jettisoned her first husband in the middle of the last recession (late eighties, for international readers) and has had something of a boom and bust cycle emotionally since. She has a wonderful son, Thadeus in his late teens who is turning into a promising playboy, with one eye on sharp suits and the gigi’s and the other firmly on fillies of the human kind. It’s her beautiful daughter, Ralphina, who causes her worry these days however, as the adenturous Ralphina is considering (in Brenda’s world “threatening”) a life with the religious, in fact, joining a silent order! I havn’t been able to put it to Brenda it might be her own chaos and chatter Ralphina is seeking refuge from! Although cruel, it would be true and I tactfully counsel my friend on taking a measured view of her daughter’s hormone infused declarations, reminding Brenda as a woman going through “the change” (I have to whisper it around her), she is fairly hormone infused herself.

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